Grow Me Well

One of the best nutrition books available in NZ. It reveals all you ever wanted to know & more about the inner workings of your body. It makes the whole idea of nutrition and body science interesting to all age groups.

A well-researched book, aimed at helping turn the tide on childhood obesity and diabetes by showing the reader how to avoid foods that cause disease.

Feed Me Right

A teacher’s resource book with lesson plans, activities, worksheets and posters. Designed to make learning about nutritional know-how and body science easy for both teacher and students.

Joan Donley’s Compendium

This book focuses on healthy pregnancy and normal birth. An essential reference book for every midwifery student, midwife and mother-to-be. It covers a wide range of topics, draws on the experience and evidence of Joan’s work throughout her life as a homebirth midwife in New Zealand. It challenges conventional thinking with wit and wisdom. Keep this book close as it will become your “go to” reference book for all matters maternal.

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