We love health education and books! So much so that we decided to write and produce our own. Our passions are eating yummy nutritious food and growing healthy edible gardens. And we hope this inspires others to do the same and live well. We also have a Health Clinic in Whangaparaoa, Auckland.

Urban Remedy is a family business, owned and operated in New Zealand. Urban Remedy first started when Tamarin was as a newly qualified health practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture back in 1996.  And now as a mother, after her daughter’s arrival in 2013, health and well being have taken on an even greater emphasis in their household.

While clinic duties were on hold for a couple of years to raise her daughter, Tamarin and her mother Dee began specialising in writing and promoting educational books to inspire people’s desire to live well, naturally and reconnect with nature and the body’s amazing healing abilities. These books are now available for purchase on this website as well as the tailor-made gardening courses run by Dee. These “hands on” courses help people put their growing ideas into action, connect with nature and eat the rewards.

The idea for Urban Remedy came to Tamarin while studying traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture in Brisbane, Australia back in 1994. Her idea was to support people in their choice of living healthier lives by using the best of ancient Asian wisdom while applying it to our modern way of life. So after she graduated she went straight into business as Urban Remedy – Holistic Health Care Clinic and has been going ever since. Her new clinic is now located in Whangaparaoa, Auckland.  

In the early days as a holistic health practitioner of TCM,  Tamarin soon discovered the key to helping people improve their way of life was to offer educational information that empowered them to make their own lasting changes. 

She has always been interested in inspiring others to get involved in looking after themselves. Sharing her passion for healthy food and the intelligence of our amazing bodies and how our attitudes affect our health naturally led her to write books on these topics.  She teamed up with her mother, educator and organic gardening “guru” Dee Pignéguy who shares similar passions, and in 2007  they released their first book called “Feed Me Right – Nutritional Know-How and Body Science”.  Thanks to all their long time friends, followers and clients, and a bit of leg work from Dee and Tamarin, Feed Me Right was a sell out success! This inspired the mother – daughter team to write another book called “Grow Me Well – Nutritional Know-How for Every Body” which is now available for purchase on this website.