Our Readers Responses

“I am a first year mature student doing my Bachelor of Nursing Degree. I had trouble in Biology for the first semester and tried different avenues to assist my learning but to no avail. Then I came across Grow Me Well in the library and have read this endlessly for the last couple of months. As this book matches my style of learning it has helped me to finally pass two exams. I'm now awaiting the result for my Nutrition & Metabolism Assignment. Thank you all once again."
Stehpney E.
Nursing Student, Auckland, NZ
“Grow Me Well negotiates the simple relationships between eating well and attaining superb health in a fun and easily readable format. As a nutrition educator, it is reassuring to see a sound foundation in nutrition science underpinning this story. New Zealand-authored nutrition books of this genre are rare, I would go so far as to say this is the best book to support New Zealand nutrition education that I have seen."
Wendy Slatter DHSC, M ED (HONS)
Nutrition Educator, Auckalnd, NZ
“Thanks for the copies of Feed Me Right as prizes for our listeners I’m just letting you know that I just gave away a copy of Feed Me Right today, and WOW the amount of callers trying to get through to win a copy was amazing! It made my day I couldn't stop smiling, I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!
Tamara Berryman
Times FM Rodney, Auckland, NZ
“Congratulations on Grow Me Well, it's such a great book. We are using Grow Me Well as a resource for our year 10 food and nutrition classes. We have put it in the budget for next year to purchase a class set of this wonderful book."
Rhonda Weeks
Technology Teacher, Lynfield College, Auckland
“Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic is a stunning montage of bright natural colours with photos from tiny swan plant seeds to helix spirals on snails. Nature is brimming with shapes and patterns that all have purpose."
School Librarian, Christchurch, NZ
“If you have school age children or teenagers Grow Me Well is a colourful, humorous and informative book about food and food facts. And it's not boring! I think it's fantastic and I will be recommending it. This great book is going in the waiting room at the clinic! Initiatives like this help spread the good word about real food with real qi (life force)."
Katrina Gascoigne
Acupuncturist, Wellington, NZ
“I’ve had a look at your website – what fantastic books you provide. Grow Me Well is exactly what we’re looking for as we educate people of all ages about their health, activities available to them and the holistic benefits of being fit Vs being a couch potato. Many thanks."
Hellen Hyndman
Event Designer, North Shore, Auckland
"Grow Me Well is a great book and teaching resource. Superb!! It's like the whole first year of a nutritional therapy degree simplified for kids. So useful personally- and a great teaching tool too. Thanks so much!"
Robyn Phillips
School teacher (London, UK)
"Last night I attended the launch of an amazing new book – ‘Feed Me Right’ written by Dee and Tamarin Pigneguy, which is the first release by Sue Claridge’s new publishing company Papawai Press. Sue has done an incredible job getting this book to publication. This book is a MUST for every parent and child to read. There has never been anything quite like this and I strongly recommend that you get yourself a copy. We had a very special guest speaker at the launch – Zella Roberts born 7th December 1904 (yes the lady is 102 years of age). Zella got up and addressed the audience – how many of us have listened to someone of Zella’s vintage telling us that she cured her arthritis by cutting white flour out of her diet. Zella signed my book for me – handwriting that would put many young people to shame – saying “I got to 102 by eating real food”.
John Appleton
IM Health Trustee, Auckland, NZ