Six Steps to Feeding your Soul

Have you fed your soul today? Are you taking time out to listen to your inner tutor ? Also known as your intuition, your inner tutor is there is help guide you through life. Information received by your intuition gets “downloaded” so to speak, from the part of you that knows the bigger plan. But it can be hard to hear the voice of our intuition when we get caught up in the tasks of a busy life, especially when it’s so easy to be distracted with life’s modern gadgets.  Here’s a check list to see if you need to take a little time out to nourish YOU and tune it to your station:

  1. Just Breathe! Before your read on, just notice now how you are breathing. Is it into the top part of your chest? Or is your belly rising as you breathe in? Many of us only breathe into the top part of our lungs which is too shallow and creates tension in the body. The key to relaxation and connecting inwardly is deep belly breathing. Imagine your lungs are like a glass. The glass when filled with water gets filled from the bottom first before reaching the top. And then when you drink the water the glass empties from the top first all the way to the bottom last. This is how to breathe deeply using all of your lungs. Deep breathing massages all your internal glands and organs, releases toxins and oxygenates your blood. Relaxation and energy are only a (deep) breathe away!            Here’s how: Breathe gently in through your nose, filling your lungs up from the bottom of your diaphragm first. Place your hand on your belly button to check as you inhale. Your belly should rise gently if your doing it right. Never force your breath. Hold your breathe for about 3 seconds and then gently let go and exhale releasing from the top of your lungs first and your belly last. It takes a bit of concentration to start with but soon it will become like second nature to you.
  2. Creation Station: Set time aside for daily quietness to reflect on how things are going in your life, how you would like them to be and what you would like to achieve.  You are the creator of your own world.  Write, draw, visualise or create a dream board on how you would like your life to be and the road map you would like to take to get to your goal.  Then check in daily to see if your thoughts and actions are taking you closer to or further away from where you want to go.
  3. Sleep: One of my favourite types of soul food is sleep! Get plenty of sleep so your body can rest, repair and revive.  Most human bodies need an average of 8 hours sleep a night so they can be at their best during the day. Get to bed no later than 10pm for better quality sleep.
  4. Be Involved: Do positive creative activities that make you feel good and involve your family, pets and community
  5. Be Responsible: Our soul loves it when we express our truth freely. Learn to listen to your thoughts, feelings and gut instincts.  Begin to take responsibility for how you feel and what you need.  Then express yourself in an honest and respectful way to others.  This will improve your response—ability, your ability to respond to life’s situations in a more positive and empowering way.
  6. Child’s Play: It’s as easy as child’s play. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a child totally stressed out from playing? Never right? So how about you?  When was the last time you took your shoes off and felt the ground beneath your feet? Or rolled down a grassy hill with the free abandon of a child? Play and laughter help us to let go of stress and be more in the moment.
  7. By taking charge of your life and choosing good soul food, you will be rewarded with a healthy emotional compass to help steer you through life’s rough waters.
    Signs of good health include sleeping well, having a good appetite, good energy levels, clear glowing skin, strong shiny hair, daily bowel movements, increased stamina, resistance to disease, expressing  yourself to others respectfully, being happy and content with yourself and your body and having a good sense of humour.


Scientists estimate that you have 60,000 thoughts a day.  Ever felt like someone was listening in?  Well it’s your immune system and it is constantly eavesdropping on your internal dialogue (or self talk)
Positive thoughts release naturally occurring feel good hormones to boost your immune system, make you feel calmer and help you live longer.