Traditional Chinese Massage & Reflexology

Relax – Replenish – Revitalise


Traditional Chinese Massage and Reflexology is tailored to rebalance the flow of energy in your body. The skilled practitioner uses a combination of techniques including percussion, tapping, acupressure and effleurage to stimulate the meridian system on your skin. These meridians or energy lines connect with your internal organs, and during a massage health is restored by improving the flow of energy, blood and lymphatic fluid  through-out your entire body. Removing the build up of lactic acid and other toxins from muscle tissue while also delivering oxygenated blood to reinvigorate your cells can help to improve recovery from injury, illness or stress. 

Another benefit of TCM massage is the relaxing effect is has on the entire nervous system. Today we are often overstimulated by modern technology and the pace of daily life. Regular massage is a great way to de-stress and reset the body’s natural healing ability. At Urban Remedy we use only the highest grade essential oils during every treatment. At the beginning of each massage, your TCM practitioner determines your constitution based on the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) methods of face and pulse diagnosis. Essential oils are then matched to your TCM constitution and selected to either soothe, settle or stimulate your mind, body and emotions. 

In TCM Reflexology we learn that the entire map of our body and its organ systems are on our feet. So for example, if we have head and neck issues they can be relieved by massaging the big toe or if our big toe is sore it may be a sign that our neck needs attention. Sore areas on the feet often indicate an underlying health issue needing attention that a skilled practitioner can determine by knowing which area corresponds to which organ system and physical area of the body.
During a TCM Reflexology massage, the reflex areas of the feet are stimulated to bring about balance within the entire body and to also relieve muscular tension or pain.   

Reconnect with the ritual of relaxation today with a TCM Massage or Reflexology at Urban Remedy.

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Urban Remedy TCM Massage & Reflexology Sessions Available

45min $75.00
60min $95.00
90min $145.00