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Gardening for Planet Earth (paperback)
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Gardening for Planet Earth (paperback)

by Dee Pigneguy / ISBN 978-0-9582966-2-5 / Papawai Press 2009 / RRP $24.99
NZ $24.99

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"If we were to focus on growing food in family backyards, we could shape a new world."
- Dee Pignéguy

Gardening is all about learning, experimenting, changing things, adapting, being observant and open to new ideas. Let the amazing photographs in this book help you to learn how to create your own garden paradise.

Gardening for Planet Earth will help you discover:
  • How organic gardens depend on nature's cycles for everything from making soil and fixing nitrogen to growing nutrient dense food.
  • How plants sustain life on earth based on the sun's renewable energy.
  • The role insects play in the predator-prey cycle.
  • The fun and excitement of growing your own fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables.
  • How organic gardening can slow climate change.
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